Private Label

The demand for fresh-cut repack and value-added products increases by 20% every year. With the growing consumer preference for convenience, healthy eating and organic options, fresh-cut is no longer a trend. It’s a profit-driven reality that’s here to stay.

At Lancaster Foods, we can cut, pack and ship under your own private label. We work collaboratively with our customers to create innovative, customized solutions that meet their unique needs. From the ordinary to the exotic, we process and deliver the highest quality product around the clock that guarantees maximum freshness.

Our broad range of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables are processed in-house to the highest food safety standards in the industry. We also work to create a wide selection of new high-tech, eco-friendly, retail-ready packaging solutions while providing product support in store with our retail merchandising team.

We never rest when it comes to finding innovative new ways to stay ahead of the trends to drive impulse sales, consumer convenience, and higher sales for retailers. Partner with Lancaster Foods and watch your business grow.