Specialty Produce

From aloe leaves to yuca, there’s nothing mysterious about specialty produce at Lancaster. As a major player in the field, we’re in the best position to help you design and implement a successful Specialty Produce Program for your unique and growing demographics, right in your store!

Our full-time Specialty Produce team nurtures direct buying relationships with the most well-known, quality growers and brands from around the world. Specialty-trained Quality Assurance teams work in tandem with Specialty Produce buyers to ensure this unique produce from around the world is received and delivered in the familiar Lancaster way: Best Quality, Fastest Service.

The Lancaster Foods Specialty Produce Service team is available to assist with:

  • In-store training sessions to enable your teams to identify, sell and professionally answer customer questions concerning specialty produce
  • Exhibition Services to educate your customers and enrich their shopping experience
  • Recipes, samples and fun recommendations to turn the unknown into opportunity for your staff and customers