The Finest, Freshest Fruits and Vegetables

Lancaster Foods is more than your go-to wholesaler for the highest quality fruits and vegetables. We are innovative problem solvers. Whether you need 100 cases or 100 pallets, no matter if you need it tomorrow or this afternoon, from Maine to Florida, we have the scale and ability to get you what you need, when you need it.

Our buyers continuously monitor local, regional, national and global markets to bring our customers the highest quality produce from the most respected growers and shippers in the industry. Our Quality Control team works hand in hand with on-site USDA inspectors to ensure that you receive only the freshest, most wholesome produce. We utilize advanced GTIN traceability scanning to carefully monitor and document every product through the entire supply chain. Our state-of-the-art warehousing and transportation resources have allowed us to master the complexities it takes to deliver to you a broad product line that’s in tune with the latest food trends—core, niche, ethnic, and organic.

With Lancaster Foods, you can rest assured knowing that the produce you place on your shelves are of the highest quality in the industry. And with our company-owned fleet of trucks and refrigerated trailers, you can be certain that we will maintain complete control of the product. That’s why for 30 years, our customers have come to rely on us around the clock, seven days a week for the solutions that allow them to capitalize upon opportunities and satisfy consumer demands.

Lancaster Foods: Best Quality…Fastest Service!