Sales & Procurement

Procurement Team

Lancaster Foods combines the sales and buying functions with its highly experienced procurement staff. This gives them direct knowledge of the product that is sold to customers and is a key factor in anticipating and meeting their needs. Acquiring these skills takes time and the staff averages 20 years of experience. Effective buying from deep market knowledge translates to value that drives volume for Lancaster Foods and its customers. As the company motto states, Lancaster Foods buyers are trained to procure the “Best Quality” in produce. Lancaster Foods accomplishes this goal by developing close
relationships with the leading growers, packers andvshippers in the country and abroad. Those relationships allow for the company to maintain inventory even in times when items are in short supply. Having the finest quality produce of the top labels, on-hand at all times throughout the year, is what the Lancaster Foods procurement team is all about.


Wayne Dilegge

(Western Veg, Lemons, Oranges, Potatoes, Strawberries)


Dave Gates

(Apples, Imported Citrus, Grapes, Melons, Stone Fruit)


Dan Kruhm

(Asian Vegetables, Ethnics, Specialty Fruits, Tropicals)


Fern Rodriguez

(Organic Fruit & Veg)


Jason Sigg

(Asparagus, Bananas, Blueberries, Mangos, Pineapples, Tomatoes)


Scott Zelnosky

(Corn, Cucumber, Peppers, Squash, Watermelon)


Angela Costantini

Procurement Admin

Dana Webster

Procurement Admin

Sales & Customer Support

Lancaster Foods listens to its customers! The function of turning ideas and opportunities into products and services for our customers is the responsibility of the sales and customer support department. Our staff has a broad range of industry experience, knowledge and expertise to guide continued growth by meeting the needs and expectations of our customers. Each sales manager is assigned specific customers so that they can develop specialized knowledge of their requirements, procedures, and specifications. See how Lancaster Foods can help you grow your business.


Will Staples

Director of Sales and Marketing

Rosario Donohue

Sales Rep

Nick Ertel

Sales Rep

Henry Han

Sales Rep

Warren Hobbs

Sales Rep

Christina Tapp

Sales Rep